Crash DAS

The Challenge:

  • Occupant safety, R&D and regulation testing for top automotive manufacturers worldwide
  • Rugged data acquisition systems that are configurable for a variety of applications
  • High channel count tests, ATD integration and extensive sensor support
  • Compact instrumentation that fits onboard today’s smaller vehicles without altering target weights or center of gravity (CG)
  • Synchronizing high-speed cameras, trigger, power and communication
  • Software with comprehensive features for test set-up, viewing and data export

The Solution:

  • Compact DTS data acquisition systems and sensors
  • Modular systems, configurable features, high-shock rated
  • User-programmable sampling rates and high-bandwidth options
  • Standalone systems including power, trigger & communication synchronization
  • Complete line of ancillary accessories available
  • Store in place reliability, data writes directly to flash memory
  • Trusted complete solution provider, experts in automotive crash safety & injury biomechanics