In-Flight Testing DAS

Slice6 Air

SLICE6 AIR is a complete data acquisition unit for measuring analog signals in extreme test environments. Optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP), SLICE6 AIR is ideal for applications with size and mass constraints. Each module features a microprocessor, Ethernet switch, signal conditioning and memory. SLICE6 AIR can be used standalone, networked for high channel count tests or integrated into existing Ethernet-based flight test instrumentation. Real-time streaming in IRIG formats and dual store-in-place recording expands test possibilities.

SLICE6 AIR applications include: In-Flight Testing, Ejection Seats, Helicopter Rotors, Parachute Deployment, UAV/Drones, Munitions, Rockets, Space Capsules and Injury Biomechanics.

  • 6-channel module, standalone or networked
  • Ultra-small (42 x 42 x 13 mm); Low mass (50 grams)
  • Designed to be positioned near the sensors, which reduces installation time and eliminates long cables
  • Universal analog sensor signal conditioning: Bridge, IEPE, Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, etc.
  • Real-Time Streaming (CH10 or TmNS) Onboard Recording (16 GB non-volatile memory)
  • Programmable sampling rates & anti-alias filters:
  • Streaming: Max 20k sps on all channels
  • Onboard Recording: Max 400k sps
  • Multiple software control interface options