In-Dummy DAS


Designed for integration into crash test ATDs and other space-constrained applications, SLICE6 is an ultra-small 6-channel data acquisition system. SLICE6 is standalone and supports most sensor types including accelerometers, load cells, pressure sensors, IR-Tracc and potentiometers. SLICE6 DAS modules can be daisy-chained to support hundreds of channels per test set-up

  • SLICE6 is a 6-channel DAS module that can be networked to configure the exact features and channel count needed with reduced cabling requirements
  • Ultra-small and lightweight (10 x 24 x 30 mm and 28 grams)
  • Variable sampling rates
  • Maximum 100k sps/ch (simultaneously sampled on all ch)
  • Records >200 minutes of data sampled at 100k sps
  • One per channel, 16-bit ADC direct write to 16 GB flash memory
  • 4 pole active Butterworth anti-alias filters
  • Supports a variety of sensors, including full and half-bridge sensors, strain gauges, voltage input, thermocouples
  • Two data recording modes: recorder and circular buffer
  • Low power, less than 2.5 W with full sensor load
  • Complies with ISO 6487 and SAE J211 recommended practices, as well as NHTSA and FAA requirements
  • Ideal for integration in ATDs, including THOR 5th and 50th
  • In-Flight Testing DAS