• SLICE PRO is a complete modular solution that supports sensor inputs, airbag squib fire, trigger distribution, digital inputs & more
  • Modular, high-performance, low-mass, 100% shock tested
  • Meets NHTSA, FAA, ISO 6487 and SAE J211 data acquisition requirements
  • Ultra-small 52 x 90 x 80 mm per 18 channel module
  • User-selectable sampling rates up to 1M sps/channel
  • Data bandwidth options up to 200 kHz
  • Record from milliseconds to hours. Data stored directly to 16 GB non-volatile flash memory.
  • Supports a variety of external sensors, including full and half-bridge sensors, strain gages, IEPE, voltage input, thermocouples.      

The SLICE PRO TOM (Timed Output Module) generates precisely timed, high-energy firing signals for a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices and squibs used in air bag and pre-tensioner testing.  It also generates isolated digital outputs which are often needed to initiate or synchronize other events in the test lab. The SLICE PRO TOM includes analog recording of firing voltage and current waveforms and can be used standalone or as part of the modular and crashworthy SLICE PRO on board data acquisition system.


The SLICE PRO Trigger Distributor is a trigger/event distribution unit that supports 2 isolated, multi-mode, contact closure event inputs and 6 isolated, multi-mode, programmable event outputs. While fully functional as a standalone device, it also integrates with plug-and-play ease into a SLICE PRO system chain.

  • 6 isolated, multi-mode, programmable trigger outputs.
  • 2 isolated, multi-mode, contact closure trigger inputs.
  • Shock hardened to 100 g for dynamic testing environments.
  • Multiple trigger inputs can be combined for “safing” pyrotechnic devices.
  • Trigger signals protected from overcurrent, overvoltage and ESD.
  • Internal battery with up to 24 hour capacity functions as primary or back-up power.
  • LED indicators for power and system status.
  • Use standalone or in a SLICE PRO system chain.