HV Impulse Testing

Tests in high-voltage areas, such as lightning and switching impulse tests place extraordinary demands on the test equipment used. HBM high-voltage products enable reliable measurement data acquisition thanks to electrical isolation, electromagnetic immunity and many other features. The devices have been tried and tested and are used in thousands of applications worldwide. Typical applications include:

  • Testing of switching systems, such as switching devices and fuses
  • Lightning impulse tests, for example, for testing transformers, surge protectors, isolators and switching systems
  • Determination of current zero-crossing.

High-voltage data acquisition solutions

Perception High Voltage Impulse Analysis:
Perception’s HV-IA Impulse Analysis option allows to evaluate results according to the existing or according to the new standard by a simple setting in the software. The new standard uses more advanced techniques (k-factor) with curve fitting and filtering compared to simpler methods in the past to handle overshoot and oscillation.

International standards:
IEC 60060-1, IEC 61083-2 (old and new).
The old method is also compliant with IEEE 4:1995

Calculated parameters (old method):
Lightning impulse Up, T1, T2, Tc, ß, f, S, k0
Switching impulse Up, Tp, T2, Td, Tz

Calculated parameters (new method):
Lightning impulse Ut, T1, T2, Tc, ß’, f, S, k0
Switching impulse Up, Tp, T2, Td, Tz