Head Restraint Performances (HRP) Test Rig

The Head Restraint Performance Test system is an electrical test bench able to evaluate structural strength and stiffness of seats, their backs, anchorages and

The heavy-duty system is a cost-efficient solution, capable of testing up to 3 seats simultaneously and independently.

The system has been designed according to the following regulations:

  • FMVSS 202A, FMVSS 202
  • ECE R17, R25 
  • GTR 7
  • EEC Dir 78/932
  • GB 11550 – 1995, GB 15083 – 2006
  • IS 15546 – 2005
  • AIS 016, AIS 023

HRPTS features

✓ Precise programmable load rate control with high performances
✓ Height Retention Test included
✓ Specimen-holder moving table for easy placement of seats or vehicle section
✓ Easy-to-use control system with a powerful user-friendly software
✓ High resolution (16 bit) and high accuracy for all range of loads (torque, force)
✓ H-point laser alignment tool (Easy configuration of R-H points)
✓ Low maintenance required