Isolation Amplifiers


The FE-560-IA is an Isolation Amplifier in the Fylde “blue panel” modular range of signal conditioning and is a general purpose isolation amplifier for front end use when hazardous voltages must be measured.

Continuous voltage isolation is up to 1500V RMS or 2.2kV DC. Bandwidth extends to more than 200kHz and high speed pulses down to 3µS can be measured. The amplifier is fully protected using advanced depletion mode FET devices and has a gain range of ÷100 up to x100.


The FE-561-IA is a high voltage isolation amplifier for front end use when hazardous inputs must be measured. The amplifier comprises a low noise, low drift input stage with differential characteristics, a high performance isolation stage and a filter with buffered voltage output.

Voltage isolation is 1500V RMS. There are 9 input ranges with a maximum of 2500V pk (1800V RMS sine wave). The amplifier is exceptionally easy to use and is fully protected on all ranges 3kV DC or RMS continuous and up to 5kV pk (5s).