Inflight Testing

DTS offers a unique data acquisition system (DAQ) designed specifically for Aerospace Flight Testing with real-time streaming in IRIG-106 and store-in-place recording to non-volatile flash memory (up to 400k samples per second), universal sensor support and IEEE 1588 PTPv2 Ethernet communication for Flight Tests.

DTS flight-ready data acquisition systems (DAQ) are SWaP-optimized for low size, weight and power. Each Aerospace Data Recorder works standalone or can be networked for high channel Aerospace Testing. The SLICE6 AIR data recorder offers real-time streaming in IRIG-106 (Ch10 or TmNS), plus onboard data recording to flash memory for Aerospace Tests.

The Challenge:
  • Collecting in-flight physical measurements on aircraft including drones, planes and helicopters
  • Measuring structural integrity, strain, vibration, etc.
  • Configurable systems to support a variety of applications and channel counts
  • Size, mass and power constraints
  • Costly and noisy slip rings for rotating applications
  • Complicated test set-ups, including long cable runs between sensors and data acquisition
  • Weather and temperature extremes
The Solution:
  • Miniature, rugged DTS data acquisition systems and sensor
  • Standalone recorders with microprocessor, excitation, signal conditioning
  • Modular and portable, easily configures from 3 to100s of channels
  • Supports a variety of sensors including IEPE, plus built-in sensor options
  • Positioning DAS near the sensors eliminates long cable runs, improves data quality & reduces noise
  • MIL-STD-810G rated systems available for temperature, altitude, shock & vibration
  • IP68 rated systems available, eliminates concerns with condensation due to quick elevation changes
  • Store in place reliability, data writes directly to non-volatile flash memory
  • Easy system set-up with intuitive software

Slice 6 Air