Seat Belt Anchorage Test (SBA) Systems

New version of SBA test rig based in servo-electric actuators. The system includes a reliable real time controller with specific improved algorithms and control strategies for ECE R14 and similar type profiles.

      ⦿  Clean and silent operation
      ⦿  Optional Bed frame (different sizes)
      ⦿  Enlarged actuators positioning range
      ⦿  Straight forward and intuitive control
      ⦿  Optional wireless pad for remote operation

ADDITIUM has introduced for first time the use of ULTRA LIGHT high resistance chains (Tycan®) that will improve your Seat Belt Anchorage Test Rig operation and test set up. The chains are 100% made of Dyneema highest resistance fibre, providing a lot of advantages replacing traditional steel chains.

SBA Features

   ✓  ECE R14, FMVSS 210, GB14167-2013, ISOFIX…
   ✓  Up to 9 actuators
   ✓  Dynamic force of 30 kN at 300 mm/s
   ✓  Stroke: 1000 mm
   ✓  Min./Max. vertical separation: 300 mm/2000 mm
   ✓  Min./Max. horizontal separation: 330 mm/2000 mm
   ✓  Motorized actuators vertical positioning


Other features under request