Energy Absorption Impact Test Rig (EAITR)

Highly accurate new version based on gravity for energy absorption impact test.

The system includes control SW for automatization of test sequence and automatic calculation of release height depending on desired impact speed.

  • Velocity: 15 km/h*
  • Impact mass: 500 – 3500 kg* 
  • Energy: 13.500 J*
  • Penetration distance: 400 mm*
  • Brake for second impact avoidance
  • Integrated speed meter
  • Based on ECE-R42, GB17354-1998, FMVSS Part 581, CMVSS 215
  • Note: Other specifications under request
EAITR Features

    ✓ Automated test system
    ✓ High accuracy and repeatability
    ✓ High rigidity at impact
    ✓ Clean measurement of acquisition signals
    ✓ Intrinsically safe design