High Cycle Shock Systems

Certain test requirements call for hundreds, if not thousands of consecutive shock impacts to be performed on test items during a given test session. Considering the requirements, event cycle time is of utmost importance in maintaining an efficient testing regimen. Lansmont now offers a High Cycle (HC) Series of test systems that address such requirements, including those specified by JEDEC for testing of electronic circuit boards.


  • Incorporates high fidelity table designs
  • Innovative high-speed lifting and positioning system for decreased cycle time
  • Tailored to perform pulses in accordance with JEDEC JESD22-B104C
  • Can perform pulse durations from 0.3 to 2.0 msec
  • Test up to six JEDEC test boards simultaneously
  • Tailored to JEDEC testing with table sizes, and mounting-hole pattern
  • Designed to run 24/7 non-stop for extended shock test evaluations
  • TouchTest™ Shock II Table Top Control Console included

Models are available in a wide range of table sizes as below. Additional features include Acceleration Kits, Low Frequency or Floating Seismic Bases, and custom table designs.






7.08 in x 7.08 in (18 cm x 18 cm)

5000 g

20 lbs (9 kg)


9.06 in x 9.06 in (23 cm x 23 cm)

5000 g

20 lbs (9 kg)