TruMotion Acceleration Test Systems

When transport vehicles accelerate, turn or brake, the resulting low-frequency accelerations can cause unit loads to shift. Due to both safety issues and potential product damage/waste, regulatory bodies are requiring testing that’s closer to reality – assuring safe and stable unit load integrity! Introducing Lansmont TruMotion acceleration systems. Our advanced simulation solutions help to deliver regulatory compliance by bringing true-to-life test results directly into your laboratory.


  • Simulate long-duration, low-frequency input forces (no impact) associated with vehicle accelerating, turning and braking.
  • Challenge unit load stability and integrity, determining if they will remain unitized and stable for transport.
  • Robust and durable design, assuring maximum operational efficiency
  • Quantify peak displacement that occurs during test events, as well as permanent displacement that remains after testing.
  • Belt-driven, providing smooth, quiet and durable motion control
  • Meets EUMOS 40509 Requirements and FMCSA Cargo Securement Rules.
  • Advanced simulation, comparably closer to reality
  • Standards-based and user-defined acceleration vs. time motions
  • Use of optional Lansmont Test Partner™ 4 provides high- fidelity verification of system performance via DC response instrumentation (acceleration, force)