Shock Test Systems

Shock testing can accurately measure the impact fragility of products. Shock tests are also commonly used to evaluate how components or complete systems respond to specific shock energy inputs.  Shock testing provides the key information necessary to ensure any product is capable of withstanding its intended “real world” use. Whether you wish to perform a complete Damage Boundary Product Fragility Assessment, an industry / mil standard shock pulse, or a company-specific test specification, Lansmont Shock Test Systems are available with the performance to meet your application

Below are the list of key considerations to select the most appropriate shock test system:

  • The size and weight of your largest test item
  • The performance capability needed to meet your testing needs

Lansmont Shock Test Systems are used worldwide to test the consumer, automotive, medical, military and aerospace products and components that shape our lives. For any type of product or shock testing applications, Lansmont has a shock system model that is perfect for your testing applications.