Crash Facilities

Full Scale Crash Test Facilities

Complete Crash Test Facilities for testing according frontal, side, rear, Car2Car, small overlap, rollover test protocols. Upgrade of existing facilities with customized solutions and state of the art speed control systems

Sled facilities

Crash Simulation sleds for passive safety components development or Conformity of Production (COP) tests. Different propulsion and deceleration technologies are available to match with each customer needs

Linear Propellers and Impactors

High Technology linear propellers and most precise speed control loops integrated in flexible positioning frames for many different type of test either free flight or guided (head forms, leg-forms, body block, pendulum, knee impact, etc..)

Static and Pseudo-dynamic Test Rigs

Test Rigs with “state of the art” single or multi-axis controlled force/displacement loading devices according to specific regulations for Seat Belt Anchorage, Head Restraint systems, Seats of busses, Roof Crush, Side Intrusion, etc

Gravity Based Impactors

Pendulum systems for Bumpers, for Truck Cabins. Energy Absorption test rigs based in gravity acceleration and linear guided impact, etc. Robust system with precise electric driven firing positioning for reaching high impact speed accuracy

Other Safety Special Test Rigs

Additium engineering capacity is able to face singular, either passive or active safety, test requirements and particular customers needs with flexibility and cost effective proposals. Feel free to ask any special test rig or requirement.

Crash Facilities

Passive Safety is about initiatives and legal provisions for the limitation of injuries following an accident. from accident statistics and injury-biomechanics, which are decisive parts of accident research, to the crash-rules and regulations that are derived from the latter, and also to consumer information-tests with protection criteria and test procedures, and eventually to crash tests, where the compliance with the compulsory limits is tested and proven in test procedures.
To cater to the above, the following solutions were offered

Full Scale Crash Test Facilities to perform different type of tests:
   ⦿  Frontal impact
   ⦿  Side impact
   ⦿  Rear impact
   ⦿  Car to Car impact with different angles
   ⦿  Low speed / Bumper impact
   ⦿  Oblique test
   ⦿  Small overlap test
   ⦿  Rollover test:
   ⦿  Integrated Safety Test: Passive & Active

Multipurpose state of the art E-Launcher which is capable to easily interchange the following modules and perform the following test:
   –  Free Flight Headform
   –  Pedestrian Legform: EEVC, FLEX-PLI, aPLI
   –  Upper Legform
   –  Guided Headform
   –  Bodyblock
   –  Headform Pendulum
   –  FMH
   –  Ejection Mitigation
   –  Heavy Impact forms

The Crash Simulation Sled Test system is a direct catapult able to propel the guided specimen platform (sled) up to the programmed speed, and decelerate it according to the regulation required impact curves.
Propulsion can be selected between bungee cords or electric drive. Deceleration can be selected between polyurethane tubes or bending bar barrier.

Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA) Test System
New version of SBA test rig based in servo-electric actuators. The system includes a reliable real time controller with specific improved algorithms and control strategies for ECE R14 and similar type profiles.

Head Restraint Performances (HRP) Test Rig
The Head Restraint Performance Test system is an electrical test bench able to evaluate structural strength and stiffness of seats, their backs, anchorages and

Roof Crush and Side Intrussion (RCSI)
The Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test System is a combined test bench designed to evaluate the roof and side strength applying a controlled load over them.

Energy Absorption Impact Test Rig (EAITR)
Highly accurate new version based on gravity for energy absorption impact test.
The system includes control SW for automatization of test sequence and automatic calculation of release height depending on desired impact speed.