Transport Recorders


Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

The SAVER™ 9X30 is a complete, research grade shock and vibration field data recorder, with both internal and external acceleration measurement for Shock, Vibration, as well as Temperature & Humidity, Pressure and options for GPS location. When the application requires research quality data – SAVER™ is the answer. The SAVER™ 9X30 is powered with 9V lithium (or alkaline) batteries and will continuously sample the environment for up to 30 days.  SAVER 9X30 can be setup to record signal-triggered and time-triggered events

Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

The SAVER 9XGPS is an enhanced version of SAVER 9X30 Measurement Data Recorder that adds built-in GPS capabilities. Adding GPS coordinates to recorded data allows event location and vehicle speed to automatically be embedded into captured data files. This adds further value and definition to your measurement results.

Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

The SAVER 3X90 is the most popular SAVER Measurement Data Recorder–combining everything you need into a single small package. SAVER 3X90 is powered with 9V lithium (or alkaline) batteries and provides continuous operation for up to 90 days. The internal triaxial accelerometer and temperature and humidity sensor can be used to record both signal-triggered events (data recorded when exceeding a threshold) and timer-triggered events (data recorded on a time interval).

Shock and Vibration Field Data Recorder

The SAVER 3D15 Measurement Data Recorder is intended for applications where DC-response recording capabilities are required. Most often these are low frequency measurements such as amusement park rides, aerospace flight applications, rail-car coupling impacts, and vehicle crash testing. SAVER 3D15 is the first model to use MEMS technology accelerometers with DC response measurement capability. This instrument is equipped with an internal triaxial accelerometer and will take measurements for up to 15 days

Shock and Vibration Data Logger

The SAVER AM Asset Monitor Logger provides an autonomous, rechargeable platform for monitoring the movement of critical assets throughout the supply chain. It utilizes an internal triaxial accelerometer, as well as temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, orientation and light sensors.