Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems


m+p VibMobile was engineered for the requirements of mobile multi-channel noise and vibration measurements and dynamic signal analysis as well as demanding data acquisition and monitoring applications. Including multi-range AC and DC power supply and battery option the front-end is perfect for portable use in the field or mounted in vehicles and for use in the lab. m+p VibMobile fulfills both the robustness and channel density criteria needed for optimal test and measurement productivity.

Use in the Field, in Vehicles or in the Lab

The new m+p VibMobile with its compact form factor, robust design, embedded CPU and storage media and optional battery power is made for portable or standalone operation. The silent temperature-controlled fans make it ideally suited for acoustic measurements. With a broad selection of analog input and output boards and appropriate signal conditioning modules it can be used in all kinds of dynamic and quasi-static measurement fields: noise and vibration, modal analysis, experimental strain and stress analysis, engine testing, functional testing, process monitoring etc

  • Portable, for field and laboratory use
  • Multi-channel count applications (up to 64 analog inputs or source channels per mainframe)
  • Battery option, rugged housing, silent operation
  • 2 channel source, 2 channel tacho, 4/4 channel digital I/O in basic system
  • Embedded CPU i7, 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 x GBit Ethernet, up to 2 onboard SSD discs, Windows 7 embedded, monitor, mouse, keyboard ports
  • 8-channel bridge measurement module
  • Can be used as standalone system (application software installed on SSD of embedded CPU) or as frontend via Ethernet with remote PC
  • Multiple mainframe support, synchronization of sampling via Clock I/O ports (distance between 2 mainframes ca. 100 m) or measurement start via IEEE 1588 precision time protocol or via GPS PPS signal
  • 12-slot mainframe for up to 8 m+p proprietary I/O boards and up to 4 industry-standard CompactPCI®Serial boards opens almost unlimited choice of analog and digital I/O, communication interfaces and storage devices
  • ZARGES box for very high shock and vibration exposure, vapour-tight
  • Explorer transportation box for m+p VibMobile mainframe and laptop


m+p VibRunner is m+p international‘s measurement hardware platform for higher channel counts, designed for the specific needs of noise and vibration engineering and general data acquisition. It can be used with m+p international’s proven m+p Analyzer for noise and vibration measurement, m+p VibControl for vibration control and m+p Coda for data acquisition and condition monitoring. This solution-oriented approach provides superb performance at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Desktop or Rack Mounted

m+p VibRunner provides maximum modularity. The basic unit is a 19“ mainframe that houses up to three front-mounted functional modules. The 1U mainframe can be equipped with feet for use as a desktop instrument or with mounting brackets for 19“ rack mounting. m+p VibRunner is completely equipped for standalone operation. It has its own power supply with both multi-range AC and DC inputs. Cooling is performed by a high-quality, silent fan whose speed is temperature-controlled. For sensitive noise measurements the fan can be turned off from the host PC.


  • Desktop instrument or 19” rack-mounted system, 1U high, 3 slots for modules, rugged steel frame
  • Silent operation, temperature-controlled fan
  • Multi-range AC power supply and DC power supply
  • Precise synchronization of multiple m+p VibRunner frontends by means of daisy chain connection and master clock
  • Ethernet interface, 1 Gbit/s transfer rate
  • Separate, secure subnet independent from other networks
  • DSP powered real-time processing
  • 8-24 analog input channels per m+p VibRunner, 24 bits, 204.8 kHz max. sampling rate per channel, differential and single-ended measurements
  • TEDS support
  • IEPE support
  • 8-channel bridge measurement module
  • 2-12 differential source output channels per m+p VibRunner, 24 bits, safety shutdown
  • 2-12 tacho inputs per m+p VibRunner for rotating machinery applications
  • 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs for combined environmental tests or parallel functional tests