Structural Testing

Modal testing is the form of vibration testing of an object whereby the natural (modal) frequencies, modal masses, modal damping ratios and mode shapes of the object under test are determined. A modal test consists of an acquisition phase and an analysis phase.

Exprimental Modal Analysis involves the acquisition of vibration excitation and response signals from a grid of measurements points on the surface of a structure and the subsequent analysis of the measurement data to form a mathematical model that describes the vibrational behavior of the structure in terms of its resonance frequencies and mode shapes.

Modal Analysis Package from M+P international Germany provides a complete set of tools for observing, analysing and documenting the vibrational behaviour of machines and mechanical structures. Software modules are available for classical and operational modal analysis, shaker measurements (SIMO and MIMO) as well as for ODS, SDOF and MDOF analysis. A modal model validation module is also provided.

To excite the structures by forced method and free – free method we offer Long stroke exciters from APS dynamics and small force modal shakers from HBK (LDS), Impact Hammers, Impedance Heads & Response Accelerometers from M/s Dytran Instruments.

Data Acquisition Systems 
Long stroke Exciters 
Modal Shakers 
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