Inclined Impact Test

During shipping and handling, large packages such as pallet loads or crates will experience some bumps and bruises. Lansmont Inclined Impact Testers are ideal for testing your packaged-product’s ability to withstand the types of impacts that occur in the distribution environment. Lansmont Inclined Impact Testers comply with industry standard package testing specifications such as ASTM, ISTA, ISO, and MIL-STD. Lansmont Inclined Impact Test Systems meet industry specifications with the added benefit of some new and innovative design features. The unique articulating carriage system we utilize allows the carriage to pivot and raise so that it becomes parallel with the ground.  This design feature makes it much safer and easier to load test items with a forklift.  After the specimen has been loaded, the carriage pivots back into its testing position and you are ready to begin impact testing.


IT 152-4K

IT 213-6K

Carriage Size (L x W)

60 in square (152 cm square)

84 in square (213 cm square)

Backstop Size (L x W)

84 x 76 in (213 x 193 cm)

96 in square (244 cm square)


7.3 ft/sec (2.2 m/sec)

Payload Capacity

4000 lb (1814 kg)

6000 lb (2721 kg)