Two-Wheeler Dynamometer

The Dynostar D50 gives you the ability to tune or perform diagnostics on light motorcycles and scooters. Our slogan for the Dynostar D50 is: “Low budget, High performance.”

The D50-series is the first dynamometer to be entirely modular. According to your specific wishes and desires, you can add several modules to the standard configuration.

The Dynostar D50- serie is divided in two main versions: D50i and D50ECB.

The D50i is a scooter and small motorcycle dynamometer which applies the inertia principle. The standard drum, which has already got a relatively high inertia, can easily be upgraded with a supplementary disc. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to perform tests on various vehicles, and will not be limited to a small part of the entire motorcycle market. Motorcycles and scooters up to 150Hp can easily be tested on the Dynostar model D50. 

The D50ECB already has the eddy current brake in its standard equipment. Nevertheless, this eddy current brake can always be added afterwards, thanks to the modular principle the D50ECB can test vehicles up to 200Hp. 

Both the models D50i and D50ECB, are provided with a ramp and front wheel adjustment.