Electric & Hybrid Battery Testing

Battery pre-production qualification and functional test for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Working with a leading automotive research department, LDS has delivered a custom vibration test system for hybrid battery durability testing and for Highly Accelerated Life (HAL) testing of multicell computer managed batteries.

This system is being used for hybrid vehicle preproduction qualification, and for functional testing of a complete battery assembly designed to be mounted underneath a car.

The V8900 force shaker, with the combination of a large 6 by 6 ft. slip-table and guided head expander of equal size. The design incorporated special plugs for quick release of the head expander. A great time saver, compared to reconfiguring a standard system from vertical to horizontal which may take up to several hours.

The delivered LDS Vibration Test System is an excellent example of a customer requesting a high performing and versatile system that can easily be adapted to several automotive test demands on large heavy payloads in multiple axes.

Sine force peak 80 kN
Max random force RMS 76.2 kN
Max acceleration sine peak 100 g
Velocity sine peak 1.8 m/s
Displacement continous pk-pk 101.6 mm
Moving element mass 80 kg
Usable frequency range 5 Hz – 3 kHz