Permanent Magnet Shakers

ADAMS offers a total turnkey solution for all your testing needs, including thermal chambers, controllers, tooling, and instrumentation to make the choice easy for the test manager. LDS range of shakers are offered from Brüel & Kjær.

We offer a wide range of systems suitable for testing from the smallest component to multi-shaker systems for testing complete spacecraft, we also deliver modal shakers for modal testing applications.

The flexibility of the LDS product range extends from the testing of ICs to mobile telephones, from computer games machines to aircraft components and from human bone structures to suspension bridges.

Permanent Magnet Shakers – Low Force Range
High Energy and Cost Efficient Permanent Magnet Shakers

Permanent magnet electrodymanic shakers are designed for vibration test applications, including modal and structural analysis, separation and compacting of powders, small component vibration screening and for use in accelerometer calibration.

These electrodynamic shakers are typically part of the vibration test equipment used in educational, research and laboratory environments.

Highly energy and cost-efficient, the permanent magnet construction provides the static field, thereby simplifying amplifier requirements to drive the electrodynamic shaker. Low mass armatures and LDS’s unique suspension system guarantee reliable performance of the vibration test equipment over a wide frequency band.


  • Permanent magnet shakers used in conjunction with LDS PA amplifier series, LDS-Dactron LASER or COMET vibration controller.
  • A wide range of standard and customized jigs and fixtures extends vibration test capabilities.Base mounting is standard. Support trunnions are optional on all but the smallest V101/2 model.
  • Armature diameter of the V406/8 is 38mm, increasing to 63.5mm on the V450/1 and V455/6.
  • The smaller V101/2 and V201/3 use a central spigot.
  • All models except the V101/2 can be forcibly air-cooled and give the following maximum sine force ratings:
    • V201/3 26.7 N (6 lbf)
    • V406/8 196 N (44 lbf)
    • V450/1 311 N (70 lbf)
    • V455/6 489 N (110 lbf)